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1960’s Teico Guitar

I literally rescued this Teico guitar from a barn. Teico stands for Tokyo Electric Instrument COmpany, which was a Japanese company that built guitars in...

Analog Bandwidth Widget

This widget displays system network usage in a retro, analog format. It has two themes, aluminum and bakalite, and brass and wood (shown). The current...

Speedfan Temperature Widget

The Speedfan Temperature widget displays system information, such as temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds on your desktop in an aethetically pleasing format. The widget gets...

RCA Radio Rebuild

I purchased an old RCA radio for an unbelievable price. It was complete, but not in the greatest shape. I didn’t try plugging it in,...

iTunes Popup

iTunes popup is a simple widget that appears on your screen whenever the song changes in iTunes. It shows the album art, the band, song...