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Homeland Security Widget

The Homeland Security Widget polls the United States Department of Homeland Security Website to determine the current threat level. It then displays the likelyhood of...

System Stats Longhorn Widget Set

This set of widgets each show different system activity levels, including processor activity, RAM usage, and wireless signal strength. This widget is no longer supported.

1960’s Teico Guitar

I literally rescued this Teico guitar from a barn. Teico stands for Tokyo Electric Instrument COmpany, which was a Japanese company that built guitars in...

Dual Processor Monitor

Dual Processor Monitor shows the independent activity of dual processor, dual core, or hyperthreaded computers. Windows only. This widget is no longer supported.

iTunes Popup

iTunes popup is a simple widget that appears on your screen whenever the song changes in iTunes. It shows the album art, the band, song...

Longhorn Processor Graph

Longhorn Processor Graph shows your CPU activity on a nice looking graph. This widget is no longer supported.