Homeland Security Widget


The Homeland Security Widget polls the United States Department of Homeland Security Website to determine the current threat level. It then displays the likelyhood of your impending doom on your desktop as a helpful reminder of your mortality.

iTunes Popup


iTunes popup is a simple widget that appears on your screen whenever the song changes in iTunes. It shows the album art, the band, song title, and album for a few seconds, then gracefully disappears.

Speedfan Temperature Widget


The Speedfan Temperature widget displays system information, such as temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds on your desktop in an aethetically pleasing format. The widget gets its information from Speedfan, a 3rd party program. Speedfan must be installed separately from the widget. The widget’s color scheme is customizable. Frequently Asked Questions …

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Analog Bandwidth Widget


This widget displays system network usage in a retro, analog format. It has two themes, aluminum and bakalite, and brass and wood (shown). The current network usage is shown as two dials. The network history is shown on a rotating drum, and the total downloads and uploads are shown on …

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